How to Hack Instagram with BruteForce Hacking Tool

If you want to learn how to hack an Instagram account with the Bruteforce attack, then you have found the perfect article for doing so. The following section describes the methods and tools used to hack Instagram with the Kali Linux and Bruteforce scripts.

With proper caution, however, this method may take too long to break the password or worse it may not work. Depending on how strong or weak the Instagram account password is and whether it is available in the dictionary we have provided.

That's why Instagram account passwords like "password", "qwerty" or "12345678" etc. will be easily broken in a matter of seconds.

But Instagram passwords like "iluuLVubicH787 ## $$" will not be broken by the Bruteforce attack.

So with that out of the way, let’s start hacking Instagram accounts with vicious force and Kali Linux.

So I have prepared 4 Different texts for you to use. I did not create those scripts. Credit for these scripts and hacks goes to Github profile owners for their great contribution.

Requirements :

  • Kali Linux / Termux Linux
  • Internet connection
  • Lots of patience


Step 1:  Start Linux and Open Terminal. Press Ctrl + T to directly open the Kali Linux terminal. and Download and install Instagram Bruteforce Hacking Script. Git does the following from Github and uses the following instructions as indicated:

git clone

cd Faitagram

Faitagram name stands for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s a hacking script made for hacking Facebook Twitter and Instagram

Step 2: Set up and authorize Instagram Bruteforce Script. Assign a faitagram folder with root permissions to allow it to compile and run. Apply the following command shown below.

chmod +x faitagram 
chmod +x

Step 3: Enter the Bruteforce text and its requirements. Now use the following command to install the Instagram Bruteforce script in Linux.


Step 4: Syntax and Using Instagram hijack script. Now, to use the hijacker script, we need to follow its proper syntax and parameters. The format is as shown below:

 python faitagram -s service -u username -w wordlist -d delay 

In our case, it will look like this:


python faitagram -s instagram -u justin -w wlist

(Execute faitagram) (Instagram) (username) (wordlist)

The (username) option is for the username of the target Instagram account.

The (wordlist) option to specify the path of the password wordlist.

And the (delay) is for the delay between the brute force attempts(seconds).

With this script, you can brute-force any Instagram account and hack it provided the password exits in the dictionary you provided.

Step 1:  Start Kali Linux and open the terminal. Enter Requirements You need to include some Instagram hijacking script requirements. You can do this by typing the following instructions into the Kali Linux terminal.

pip install mechanize

pip install requests

pipenv install

sudo apt-get install Tor

step 2:  Download and install Instagram Bruteforce Hacking Script. Next, Git clone and use the following instructions. this command will copy the Instagram hijacking script to your computer.
git clone


Step 3:  Set up and grant Instagram Hacking Script permissions. Provide a text folder with root root permissions to allow compilation and execution. Apply the following command below:

chmod -R 755 Instagram && cd Instagram

Step 4:  Creating and implementing the hijacking script. Now, to use the Instagram hijacker script, we need to use the appropriate instructions. The format is as shown below:

Ex : python -u <username> -p <passlist>

The (username) option is for the username of the target Instagram account.

The (pass list) option is for the path of the Instagram password wordlist.

Once we have used the tool, we can see the following. Note that cracking the Instagram password can take a very long time. So be patient,

3) Brutesploit :

Step 1:  Clone the Tool on your system Use the following command to download Brutesploit to your system.

git clone


Step 2:  Sets the permissions. Switch to Brutesploit direction. Here you can find the Brutesploit Instagram robbery script. Just type the following instructions to give the required permissions.

cd BruteSploit/

chmod +x Brutesploit

Step 3:  Running and Starting Brutesploit. Use the following command in the Brutesploit directory to start a hijacking text

Step 4:  Using Brutesploit Type the 'help' command to see all the commands we can use to hack an Instagram account.

Use the show modules option.

Now to select a module from the list, use the corresponding numbers given against the modules.

I want to use a number. 5, so I will give the command- use 0e.

Now write the modules contained in option 5. Apply the command:

 List 0e 

As you can see in the picture below, we found a list of options. Option 4 is a strong Instagram account password. So let's use this option by typing the command - use  0e4 .

step 5:  Setting parameters and target Instagram Hack. Now use the following instructions to manage your Instagram account

set username

set wordlist /root/Desktop/password.txt

set proxy /root/Desktop/proxy.txt

set thread 4

Now use the script type command-run. It will try all the passwords you have provided in the list. It will take a long time as it is a brute-force attack.

Congratulations on learning to rob Instagram via Brutesploit.

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