How to Hack whatsapp Otp/chat

How to Hack WhatsApp

Hello, friends if you are browsing for How to hack WhatsApp otp, to read all chats from your victim's device, or how to hack girlfriends' WhatsApp.

Somewhere a hidden hacker in your mind always wants to hack your friends' WhatsApp, No matter how many extra security measures it has adopted. 

Some methods are as simple as logging in to your own WhatsApp account without someone's phone. So today we will walk you through the top basic tricks to hack whatsapp off somebody.

How to Hack Whatsapp OTP/ chat?

This is the best technique to hack the victim’s WhatsApp account. Let's discuss it in brief. To perform this Hack you need to follow the following process.

If you somehow get access to the victim's mobile for 1 min. Activate Call forwarding from the victim’s mobile to your mobile using this code **21*<Mobile Number># and Dial. This will activate the call forwarding.

Now, open WhatsApp on your Mobile and enter the victim’s number and click on next. Here, we will have two options SMS and Call. Just click on the call option after one minute.

As we have activated the call forwarding on the victim's mobile, OTP call from Whatsapp will be forwarded to your number.

Basic tricks to hack whatsapp off somebody.

And you can successfully log in to the victim account, and there is a problem to get the victim's phone then just comment below, or msg me I'll provide you with another method to hack WhatsApp chat/Otp

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